From consumers to creators: Adventure Learning and its impact on pre-service teachers’ TPACK and technology integration

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This study utilizes an explanatory embedded case study methodology (Yin, 2014) to observe the effect of an Adventure Learning (AL) experience on pre-service K-12 science teachers’ TPACK and technology integration in the context of a graduate-level teacher licensure course. Participating teachers co-created lesson plans, instructional strategies, and an online learning environment for Chasing Aurora, a nascent AL project on astronomy education (Hechter & Macdonald, 2015). In all cases, participating teachers showed gains in their ability to identify specific strategies for enacting content-based technology integration, a hallmark of TPACK. Teachers also demonstrated a shift away from choosing technologies that replace or amplify current instructional practices toward those that promote transformational opportunities for learning. These results indicate an increase in teachers’ ability to identify and create pedagogically-grounded TPACK strategies for their future technology-integrated.

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Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2016