Department Chair: Athar Ata, Ph.D.

The Department of Chemistry at Michigan Technological University is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education through an integrated program with basic and applied research across a wide spectrum of chemistry sub-disciplines.

Chemistry delves into the study of all things material; and attempts to uncover the atomic and molecular causes for the behavior of materials. It is a core science that transcends and underpins the physical sciences, the life sciences, applied sciences and many aspects of engineering. Chemists investigate the molecular origins of diseases and signatures of environmental processes. Other examples of chemical applications include agriculture and food production; drug discovery; testing and analysis; design of new, high-performance materials; environmental chemistry; and green chemistry for sustainable manufacturing. Cheminformatics, a newly evolving field of chemistry, creates, catalogs and organizes molecular structures and properties, providing data sets rich in information that can be analyzed through statistics-based, computer aided experiments leading to an understanding of material behavior based on establishing relationships between molecular and bulk properties. Our department takes special pride in promoting undergraduate research, where the student works side-by-side with graduate students and their professor performing cutting-edge research leading to co-authored publications in prestigious national and international journals.


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