Seismically resilient self-centering cross-laminated rocking walls with coupling beams

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There is an increasing awareness in the engineering and stakeholder community to include seismic resiliency and eco-sustainable construction practices in the design of building structures within densely urbanized cities in regions of high seismic risk. Mass-timber construction has risen as one type of system to meet both these challenges. Recent studies on self-centering cross-laminated timber (SC-CLT) walls have shown high promise for use in multi-story mass-timber construction subjected to large earthquake loadings. These walls provide self-centering through wall rocking in combination with elastic elongation of vertical post-tensioned elements. Inelastic seismic energy dissipation is provided through structural fuses that are decoupled from the gravity frame. One area of limited knowledge in these wall systems is the effect of large wall openings. This paper presents preliminary results on an ongoing study by the authors investigating SC-CLT walls with CLT and steel coupling beams at large wall openings. Here, the steel coupling beams are detailed with replaceable structural fuses and compared to walls with monolithic constructed CLT coupling beams. Furthermore, an innovative wall base uplift friction damper is proposed as an alternative to steel yielding anchorage elements providing additional energy dissipation and self-centering capability. Nonlinear pushover analyses results of finite element models are presented providing insight in the fundamental behavior of this rocking wall system.

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Structures Congress 2019