Study on rubberized concrete reinforced with different fibers

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The reinforcement effects of four types of fibers on rubberized concrete were investigated. The fiber-reinforced rubber concrete specimens were produced with added 0.5% fiber based on the mixture volume, and 10% recycled tire rubber by the fine aggregate volume. The mechanical properties and shrinkage performance were evaluated and compared with the control rubber-only concrete samples. The results showed steel fibers could improve compressive, splitting tensile, and flexural strength, while synthetic fibers reduced the compressive and flexural strength as compared with control samples. However, all fiber-reinforced specimens dramatically improved fracture energy and post-crack extension compared with control specimens, especially the fracture energy, which increased approximately 10 to 50 times. The pullout resistance of different fibers was not influenced by added rubber. At the same time, the fiber-reinforced rubber concrete also showed reduced shrinkage. In summary, the performance of rubberized concrete could be effectively enhanced by fiber reinforcement, which can help to facilitate the applications of rubberized concrete.

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ACI Materials Journal