Nanomodified asphalt mixture with enhanced performance

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This chapter aims to summarize the current research and findings on performance enhancement of the nanomodification on asphalt mixture. The study first summed up the main nanomaterials applied for the modification, including the nanomineral and nanocarbon materials. The dispersion protocol for these nanomaterials into the asphalt binder was further introduced, including mixing temperature, shear speed, and mixing time. Then the enhanced performance of the nanomodified asphalt mixture was concluded based on the reference review, including mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical performance. It is found that the added nanomaterials can enhance the stiffness and high temperature stability of the asphalt mixture and reduce its permanent deflection. Similar findings on mechanical performance can be found for the asphalt mixture with different nanomaterials mainly due to the similar reinforcing mechanism (filler effect). The added carbon nanomaterials can further enhance the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and absorbance for sunlight, which can lead to promising self-sensing and self-healing materials.

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Nanotechnology in Eco-efficient Construction, Second Edition