Material selections in asphalt pavement for wet-freeze climate zones: A review

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The objectives of this review paper are to document current practices in wet-freeze climate zones and introduce emerging technologies that would be largely implemented in wet-freeze climate zones in the near future. A current practice is defined as a procedure that has been shown by research or experience to produce acceptable results and that is established or proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adaptation. An emerging technology is defined as a technique or a material that can improve the asphalt pavement performance, partly replace general materials, and contribute to more sustainable asphalt pavements. This review identified the criteria used to determine locations in the United States and two Canadian provinces with a similar wet-freeze climate. In addition, asphalt binders, asphalt additives/modifiers, asphalt mixture types, reclaimed asphalt mixtures, asphalt mixture test methods, asphalt mixture design methods, and deicers were reviewed. This review concluded with some recommendations in terms of using environmentally friendly materials and selecting cracking and rutting failure criteria to design asphalt mixtures with enhanced performance in wet-freeze climates.

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Construction and Building Materials