Methods for optimally locating a forest biomass-to-biofuel facility

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A critical factor affecting the profitability of producing biofuel is optimally locating a forest biomass-to-biofuel facility. Spatial dispersion of forest biomass results in significant transportation cost of bulky, forest biomass feedstock. Multiple studies document different approaches to address theissues associated with biofuel facility siting. Study objectives were to: examine current literature (work published since 2005) discussing methods and models to determine the optimal location or site for a forest biomass-to-biofuel facility; compare the methods to identify the preferred approach; and identify potential gaps for future research. Our evaluation summarizes major, recent studies that focused on mathematical models to optimally locate a forest biomass-to-biofuel facility. Through analysis of the various methods, including the advantages and disadvantages, this study uncovered preferred approaches for locating an optimal biofuel facility location. It was found that optimization using mixed integer programming appears to be the preferred method for optimally locating a biofuel site.

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