Facilitative learning model for student engagement in a project management course: a case study

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Ample research exists in the area of instructor-led facilitation, which is typically conducted by those trained in pedagogical approaches and as such their primary profession may be that of faculty, instructor, or professional trainer. Prior research on student-led pedagogy has focused on tutoring, problem-solving teams, and similar activities. This exploratory case study focused on student-led facilitation for active student engagement in an undergraduate project management course and its impact on student learning measured by engagement, average exam score, and overall course average. Data was gathered through observations, exam scores, student survey, and final grades. In the second year of application, a voluntary survey was completed by students to supplement existing data. It was uncovered that students are more engaged through increased class participation in discussion, have greater retention of material as demonstrated through higher exam scores, and improved performance in final course averages. Based on this case study, it can be inferred that student-led facilitation is an effective pedagogical approach for this course and may be applied in the context of other courses. This is believed to be the first contribution in the area of student-led facilitation not using tutoring, problem-solving, case discussions, or similar methods.

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International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education