Empirical study of second‐tier automotive suppliers achieving QS‐9000 Reference No. 718

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Major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the international automotive industry require their first‐tier suppliers to obtain QS‐9000 registration. One of the requirements included in the registration criteria is to have a process in place to evaluate all suppliers or subcontractors. Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) Automotive Systems Group, a major first‐tier supplier, chose to request QS‐9000 registration of their suppliers (second‐tier). QS‐9000 does not require Tier‐1 suppliers to mandate that their suppliers (second‐tier) obtain registration. Since quality registration indicates that a quality system is in place, does it ensure that the operational measures of quality parts per million (PPM) or delivery performance are optimized? Do the organizational variables associated with QS‐9000 registration directly impact achieving it? For this study, a survey of JCI North American QS‐9000‐registered second‐tier suppliers was conducted to gather information about selected organizational variables, perceived performance outcome and results, and actual quality PPM and delivery performance. This study looks at the relationships between organizational variables and performance outcome and results.

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