Individual feedback: Does it enhance effects of group feedback?

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Effects of the aggregation level of feedback (i.e., group, individual) were examined by asking the question, "Does individual feedback enhance the effects of group feedback?" Data were collected in a field study in which the dependent variable was the product handling behavior of workers (N = 20) in a Midwestern microelectronics plant. A feedback program was applied using an ABCB reversal design with the following phases: (1) Baseline; (2) Gverrosua P tFo eGedrbouacpk F; e(3ed) bGarcoku. pP Perlufosr mInadnivcied iunaclr eFaeseeddb afrcokm; apnhda s(e4 )A R etophase B and from phase B to hase C, but did not reverse. Results point to the pos!sibL~lityth at in ividual feedback can enhance performance improvements attained by group feedback, but is not critical in maintaming these improvements.

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Journal of Organizational Behavior Management