Expected rates of value growth for individual sugar maple crop trees in the great lakes region

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Sugar maple single-stem real value growth was examined using various published models, original data, and recent harvest information. Trees with dbh of 14, 16, and 18 in. were examined, and it was assumed that trained foresters are able to judge the vigor and quality of individual trees and the likelihood of a stem's tree grade improving, staying the same, or declining over the next cutting cycle. Results indicate that a grade 1 tree will return 5.1‐7.8% if it improves to veneer grade, 1.2‐3.7% if it remains grade 1, and −0.2 to −2.6% if it declines to grade 2. Trees have greater rates of return and should be retained to larger diameters on higher quality sites.

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Northern Journal of Applied Forestry