Author: Janice M. Glime

Photo by Michael Lüth

Bryophyte Ecology is an ebook comprised of 5 volumes written by Janice Glime, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University. Chapter coauthors include Irene Bisang, S. Robbert Gradstein, J. Lissner, W. J. Boelema, and D. H. Wagner. If you are a returning visitor, be sure to refresh your browser in case there have been recent updates.

This book is written in the hope that it is useful to a broad audience, from children to seasoned professionals. Its citations help the scientist find further information. The images help the beginner to understand. Its aim is to broaden the group of people who appreciate and understand the roles that bryophytes play in our world.

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Table of Contents and Glossary

Bryophyte Ecology Volume 1: Physiological Ecology

Bryophyte Ecology Volume 2: Bryological Interaction

Bryophyte Ecology Volume 3: Methods

Bryophyte Ecology Volume 4: Habitat and Role

Bryophyte Ecology Volume 5: Uses

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