Data from: Heterogeneity in Habitat and Nutrient Availability Facilitate the Co-Occurence of N2 Fixation and Denitrification Across Wetland- Stream- Lake Ecotones of Lakes Superior and Huron

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Great Lakes coastlines are mosaics of wetland, stream, and lake habitats, characterized by a high degree of spatial heterogeneity that may facilitate the co-occurrence of seemingly incompatible biogeochemical processes due to variation in environmental factors that favor each process. We measured nutrient limitation and rates of N2 fixation and denitrification along transects in 5 wetland - stream - lake ecotones with different nutrient loading in Lakes Superior and Huron and hypothesized that rates of both processes would be related to nutrient limitation status, habitat type, and environmental characteristics including temperature, nutrient concentrations, and organic matter quality. This data package includes information on sampling sites, dates and locations; rates of N fixation and denitrification measured at each site, date and transect location; and biomass information from nutrient diffusing substrates deployed on the study transects.

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Environmental Data Initiative

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