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The scratch wound assay was performed on Human immortalized keratinocytes (HaCaT) cells to observe the effect on cell migration due to contact exposure to arsenic-contaminated Immokalee soil. The cell migration was observed through a microscope for 72 h. HaCaT cells were seeded in 48-well plate. On day 3, treatment media was added (n=8). The cells were treated with four concentrations of soil As (45, 225, 450, and 900 mg/kg) and two controls - Negative control (NC; Pure media) and control (C; 0 mg/kg soil As) for 72 h. A scratch was made using a pipette tip. The wound healing was observed through timelapse for 72 hours using EVOS FL Auto microscope. Images were taken every 30 mins for 72 h. The percentage recovery of scratch was calculated using Image J (

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