Towards an in-vehicle sonically-enhanced gesture control interface: A pilot study

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A pilot study was conducted to explore the potential of sonically-enhanced gestures as controls for future in-vehicle information systems (IVIS). Four concept menu systems were developed using a LEAP Motion and Pure Data: (1) 2x2 with auditory feedback, (2) 2x2 without auditory feedback, (3) 4x4 with auditory feedback, and (4) 4x4 without auditory feedback. Seven participants drove in a simulator while completing simple target-acquisition tasks using each of the four prototype systems. Driving performance and eye glance behavior were collected as well as subjective ratings of workload and system preference. Results from driving performance and eye tracking measures strongly indicate that the 2x2 grids yield better driving safety outcomes than 4x4 grids. Subjective ratings show similar patterns for driver workload and preferences. Auditory feedback led to similar improvements in driving performance and eye glance behavior as well as subjective ratings of workload and preference, compared to visual-only.

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