Explore a selection of works produced by faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University.


Submissions from 2016


Inhibition of microbial biofuel production in drought-stressed switchgrass hydrolysate, Rebecca Garlock Ong, Alan Higbee, Scott Bottoms, Quinn Dickinson, Dan Xie, Scott A. Smith, Jose Serate, Edward Pohlman, Arthur Daniel Jones, Joshua J. Coon, Trey S. Kato, Gregg R. Sanford, Dustin Eilert, Dustin G. Oates, Jeff S. Piotrowski, Donn M. Bates, David Cavalier, and Yaoping Zhang

Submissions from 2015


Strategies for the production of cell wall-deconstructing enzymes in lignocellulosic biomass and their utilization for biofuel production, Sang-Hyuck Park, Rebecca Garlock Ong, and Mariam Sticklen